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Internet access

Traditional methods of connection Our services

Billing method Many Internet providers (in particular, cellular) still charge a fee for traffic, limit the amount of traffic in the tariff, add any other restrictions. That leads to the need to take measures to save traffic, employee warnings, the introduction of office traffic accounting systems in the workplace, and sometimes the complete lack of ability to predict future costs. We provide unlimited high-speed tariffs very profitably.
Your expenses are always unchanged.

Subscriptions Many cellular operators offer the option of a paid subscription to additional services. Often this subscription is carried out in the form of SMS "A month connected for free, to disconnect, perform such and such an action" that the owner of the mobile router or modem will not see. Third-party companies can offer subscriptions, click a button on a site to connect an unnecessary service. Scammers who trade like this can disguise this button under a link or some other collective action. As a result, visiting sites become like a walk through the minefield. To connect any paid services, we need to talk with the subscriber over the phone. At the written facility, we make a control call to confirm it. Your expenses are always predictable.

Connection method To connect to accessible technologies, ADSL and GPON requires a modem. It is an electric outlet. In the event of a failure, it will need adjustment when replacing. The modem is not required. If you have one computer, our cable inserted into its network connector.

Access speed When accessing through any modem (telephone, cable, radio), access speed is limited. If you need high-speed access, the modem will become a bottleneck. The speed of access is limited to the agreed tariff plan. We use Ethernet technology with a rate of up to 100 Mbit/s, the speed of any modems, and can provide connectivity with speeds up to 1000 Mbps.

Connection requirements For connection via modem (DialUp, ADSL, cable TV), a telephone/cable line is required. Access through the modem depends on the payment line - the Internet is disconnected automatically. Even if the same company provides the Internet and the range, you still have to pay for the line. A telephone line is not required. On the contrary, we can provide the Internet. The delivery of our services does not depend on the payment by you of services of third-party companies.

Settings When connecting to many providers, your computer needs to be configured - prescribing addresses, sometimes passwords. After reinstalling the operating system, the environment must carry out again. The computer does not need to configure. The computer you just bought starts to work with the Internet right away.

Connecting Multiple Workstations If you want to connect multiple computers, in the case of most ISPs, you will need to install a router. It requires configuration, for which you may need qualified technical personnel. Several computers connected through a switch. The procedure does not require qualification, and you can do it on your own.

Security Some providers include you in a single network with your neighbours in the building. That can lead to unauthorised access to your computers. We use the technology of virtual networks (VLANs) to delineate access. Your connection is isolated from the links of all of our other customers.

Client IP Address Uniqueness Many ISPs access a significant number of their clients from a single external IP address, which can lead to unpleasant consequences. For each of our customers - a legal entity, a separate IP address assigned. You can be sure that no one else uses Internet access from this IP address. Individuals can be "neighbours by IP-address", but the number of such "neighbours" we support is minimal - no more than 2-3 people.

Static IP addresses Many ISPs use dynamic IP addresses that make it difficult to use Internet banking services and make it impossible to host servers (for example, a mail server or Web site) in the clients office. The IP address assigned to our client-legal entity is unchanged. You can notify your bank and other Internet services that require increased security. Our customers can host the server in their office at no additional cost, saving on hosting services to third-party companies. If necessary, we can issue several IP-addresses according to your needs.

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