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Saving a number In most cases, the relocation forces you to change the phone number, and the law on the preservation of the number applies only to mobile phones. Even if you move, and we can not provide a connection in a new location - the phone number you have given us remains with you. The only thing that required for this is Internet access, which meets some simple requirements. And even if it is not available, we can install an "answering machine" with the text you wrote down, which will tell your customers how to contact you - and keep it as long as it is needed.

Billing method. Many telephone companies charge their customers a per-minute fee for calls to Moscow city numbers. We offer unlimited communication: you can call Moscow fixed numbers (495, 498 and 499) without any restrictions on the duration of calls.

Tariffs Tariffs for intercity, tariffs for long-distance and international communication for most telephone companies are incredibly high. That forces their subscribers to look for a separate intercity and long-distance service provider, call by dialling long PIN codes and experience other inconveniences. Often, telephone companies require prepayment of a certain amount of long-distance conversations. Our tariffs for long-distance communication are quite cheap. For example, calls to landlines all over Russia and to developed countries cost only 2 rubles per minute. We do not take prepayment for calls: if you do not use intercity and long-distance communication, you do not pay for it.

Multi-channel number In most cases, telephone companies either do not offer a multichannel service ("lack of technical capability"), or its installation involves the need to install an office telephone exchange. Multi-channel number service is available to all our customers. Nothing is required, except for ordinary telephones. The scheme of reception of calls established according to your wishes: the call comes either to the first free phone or all phones call right away - its your employee who first picked up the phone or any other schemes that you need.

Intelligent services. In most cases, the purchase of an office telephone exchange is required to play greetings when making a call, to dial an extension and connect to the specified line, to organise a conference call, and to organise a large number of telephony workstations. Setting up and maintaining the plant will require periodic costs for the relevant technical specialists. We offer intelligent communication services that make the purchase of office PBX unnecessary. Services are included in the basic package and do not lead to an increase in monthly payments.

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