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Virtual PBX

The virtual telephone exchange is a service included in our standard package, and there is no additional charge for it. You can compare virtual PBX with traditional solutions according to the following table:

Traditional PBX Our virtual PBX

Connection costs To connect an office PBX, you will need:
  • Pay for the addition of telephone company lines
  • Buy the office PBX itself
  • Pay services for its connection, configuration and testing.
For example, to include a PBX for three external lines and eight domestic lines, you need to pay for the connection of three external lines and bought the PBX itself (that is, in fact, buy eight more private lines), not to mention the setting.
To enable the virtual PBX, you only need to pay for the inclusion of eight internal lines. The number of external lines of a virtual automatic telephone exchange influences only monthly payments.

Monthly costs Modern office PBXs are quite complicated, and usually, require a technical specialist to service them. These costs are added to pay for telephone lines. You pay only for external lines.

Number of simultaneous calls In the case of a conventional PBX, the number of simultaneous conversations with the outside world is limited, regardless of where the call made. In the case of a virtual PBX, only the concurrent number of calls to Moscow fixed numbers is limited. The number of simultaneous calls to paid destinations (federal mobile phones, long-distance and international communication) is not limited.

Redirects Not every office PBX can redirect to external numbers (for example, associate an employees mobile phone with an internal number in the office). Even those who have this opportunity take two external lines for each conversation - one for an incoming call, one for an outgoing call. Within the virtual PBX, redirecting to external numbers does not take lines at all. You can, for example, assign internal virtual numbers to a dozen employees with mobile phones, while at the same time renting only one external line.

Prefix for getting an outside line Most office PBXs require pressing a separate digit (usually 9) for getting an outside line. Virtual PBX itself recognises which number is dialled - inside the office or not, and makes a call in the right direction. No additional digits need to type.

Call Detailing When using an office PBX, in detailing the calls from your telephone company, you can not see from which internal number the call originated. Calls inside the office are not displayed at all. To obtain this information, you will need to install and configure special software, which may require the availability of a qualified technician. The details, provided free of charge at your request, indicate the numbers of the internal lines, and even domestic calls showed.

Combining offices Within the framework of an office automatic telephone exchange it is practically impossible to provide several geographically separated offices with a single internal numbering. If this is the case, then only at the cost of skipping calls on external lines, or laying out dedicated optical fibre, which is extremely expensive. Virtual PBX can provide a common numbering within the firm, regardless of the geographical location of offices. The only thing that required from all offices in the presence of an Internet channel with some simple requirements to it. Even more so - your employees can work at home or on business trips, using office telephony.

Costs for long-distance communication If your employee has left on a business trip, telephone communication with him translates into the expensive long distance or international calls, or no less expensive roaming. All that required of an employee is the availability of Internet access. It is included in the numbering inside the company and can call at the same rates as other employees. Calls within the office are free of charge. However, even in the absence of the Internet, our very democratic long distance tariffs will significantly reduce the cost of communication.

Quantity of workplaces. The number of telephonized workplaces determined by the characteristics of the PBX used. If with the expansion of the office, you confronted with the fact that the lines are over and are not further expandable, this may necessitate the replacement, adjustment and commissioning of a new one, etc. etc. The number of telephone ports that we can provide for a virtual PBX service is unlimited. The equipment we use consists of independent, autonomous units, the number of which can be any. As telephones in the workplace, you can use even office computers, which reduces costs almost to zero.

Free external numbers. With the connection of conventional analog telephone lines and an office automatic telephone exchange, a typical situation is when, for example, fax are free now, but a direct fax line/number occupied by another outgoing call. To avoid this, in office PBXs, measures such as providing a dedicated analog line entirely by fax and the like are applied, which leads to inefficient use of the lines. Another alternative is an incredibly expensive inclusion on E1 links. Within the virtual PBX, the number remains free until at least one line is available. All lines allocated dynamically.

Power supply. If there is a loss of electricity in your office, the PBX will stop working, and you will be offline. At best, it will work on the built-in battery or uninterruptible power supply for a limited time. Virtual PBX does not require power from your office. Even with the loss of electricity throughout the building, our equipment is powered by batteries with a capacity of hundreds of ampere-hours, able to provide communication throughout the whole working day.

Diagnosis of problems. In the case of the issues with communication on the office PBX, it is often difficult to determine what caused these problems - telephone company lines, or the incorrect operation of the PBX. It is not uncommon for a telephone company to nod at an automatic telephone exchange, and the company that serves the ATE nods to telephone lines. Our company provides all communication. Such problems excluded since we will not need to negotiate with ourselves.

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