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Technical Support

If you have a technical support question, please read the materials in this section carefully. This will help you to get an answer faster or to solve the problem more quickly.
Before contacting us with a problem, first, try to solve it yourself.
If the problem occurs on a computer that previously worked fine:
  • If you have more than one computer, check to see if you have the same problem on all of them. If at least one of the computers does not have a problem, sorry, most likely it is a problem on your part.
  • Check if the network cables are properly connected.
  • If the computers are connected through a switch or router, check if it is "frozen" - turn it off and on, and make sure that all the lights corresponding to the stuck cables are on.
  • Check the system for viruses.
  • Try restarting the computer.
If a recently purchased computer cannot be connected to the Internet:
  • Make sure that the network card is installed in the operating system.
  • Make sure that the computer settings meet our recommendations.
  • Make sure that the proxy server is disabled in the browser settings.
  • Make sure that a firewall is not running on the computer. 
  • Contrary to the claims of firewall vendors, they really do more harm than good. Our services are provided to you separately from your neighbours and our router already provides a basic level of protection, as a result of which there is no need to use a firewall.
If you have problems sending an email or using bank-clients:
  • Check the system for viruses. Many varieties of viruses, worms and Trojans send out spam, which blocks the ability to send emails, and some bank clients may be affected.
  • To configure a bank-client, the bank employee must state the following: "the ports are not closed, the proxy is not used". The only exception is in the case of spam mailing described above; the 25th port can be closed.
If you have problems with telephone communication:
  • If there is no dial tone in the line, check if the telephone cables are correctly inserted. A common problem is a wire struck by a cleaner.
  • Make sure that your phone supports tone mode. It is impossible to call from phones without tone mode on our telephone lines. Many modern devices have a Pulse / Tone switch - make sure it is set to Tone. For some phones, there may be an option to press the star key before dialling.
  • Make sure that you dial the whole number of calls for long distance numbers. If you press only 8 - no beep will be heard.
  • Make sure that you dial the number in the Russian format. To call to foreign numbers, you need to dial the prefix 810. 
  • For example, to call to a number that is recorded as 
  • +12345678910 (GSM number format), or 
  • 0012345678910 (European number format), dial: 
  • 81012345678910.
  • Make sure that the international code dialled does exist. Telephone codes change periodically.
  • If you constantly hear "Number dialled incorrectly" when you dial the number, and you have a Panasonic desk phone - try another phone. The devices of most other companies, as well as wireless Panasonic phones, work without problems.
If the above measures were unsuccessful, please try to collect and send us the following information:
  • Number of your contract if you are an individual
  • The legal name of your organisation if you are a legal entity
  • A clear description of the problem with the time of its occurrence
  • Your name and mobile phone number or contact details of the person who will deal with the problem on your part - if our employee says that we will call you back.
Please make sure that you give us a mobile phone number, not a home or work number. If you leave your home or work number, we do not give any guarantees that we will be able to reach you.


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