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Project Description

About projects

We are engaged in connecting to our backbone computer network to provide communication services, including high-speed access to the Global Internet without using your telephone line, and other obsolete means of information transfer.

Our Company presents a new unique qualitatively new project on telephony and high-speed access to the Global Internet Network - "Multiservice Networks".


We use only modern high-end equipment of such giants of the network industry as Juniper Networks, Intel, Cisco Systems, IBM. All equipment is certified.

One of the significant advantages is that we are laying only fibre-optic nets, using the most modern production methods, as well as using certified specialists.

In our network, only switches and optical converters of the medium of data are used, which makes it possible to exclude any errors in data transmission, as well as to be sure that the data will reach only one particular subscriber.

Each set of equipment is equipped with a system to protect against voltage surges. That makes it possible to achieve the operability of the network even if electricity is temporarily turned off. This also prevents equipment from failing when the mains overloaded.

The set of equipment consists of several parts, which finally assembled and tested. Those. When switching to higher speeds, it is sufficient to change only one piece and not the entire set of the switching node. That allows you to reduce not just the cost of renewal but also the time spent on upgrading (upgrading) trunk lines.

The cable routed to the customers from the equipment - a twisted pair of category 6 (with a reserve for future speed = 1 Gbit / s.), Which excludes any malfunctions and interferences, and also allows the user to access the network at full duplex, which substantially raises the speed. Unlike other providers, we use single-mode optical fibre, this will enable us to lay it for tens of kilometres without loss of quality and pre-amplification. All cables that stretch on the track have steel armour, and it does not allow it to have been damaged.


23 multiprocessor servers Apple services the entire network, IBM based on the latest Intel® Xeon processors and systems from Juniper Networks.

Traffic control, in addition to the billing system, is carried out by two independent hardware: an additional server and multisegment routing switches of the third level from Cisco. All data is checked continuously and synchronised to obtain the most accurate results. For data storage, a RAID array is used, based on SAS technologies. This system allows you to get the maximum speed of reading and writing data at this volume.

There are individual backup boot copies of the kernel, for the system to work in emergency mode, even after the failure of one or more servers or the failure of their equipment.

The operation of the equipment is monitored by separate software, which makes a copy of the information critical for the system. If a problem occurs, the system immediately reports this.

Also, several system utilities are used that monitor the status of users and equipment, which allows you almost instantly to learn about the stop of one of the switches.

Billing system

Billing system is a single embodiment of the traffic accounting system and subscribers, as well as access control systems for subscribers to various resources of the local network and the Global Internet. The system completely intercepts any data, writes down the necessary data about the size of the packet, processes them and transfers the subsystem to control the subscribers. To account for the subscribers account, 64-bit technology is used, which allows calculating with accuracy up to a byte (up to N-28 dollars). That excludes the possibility of leaving the subscriber in the negative, only if the monthly fee is not withdrawn. It also allows you to calculate the current state of the subscriber account accurately and promptly warn it or turn it off. The traffic accounting system operates in real time, and the logging system records them every 10 seconds. All this allows the user to know and calculate the status of the account accurately. A log file will enable you to show the user where he was, at what time and how much he downloaded from there, in the event of conflict situations.


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