IT infrastructure

  • IT Auditing
  • Telecommuting on the accounting department
  • IT servicing
  • Automation of accounting with "1C"
  • Telecommuting
  • Servicing PABX and telephone services
  • Transferring of IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • Hire(leasing) of virtual servers

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Express IT audit: Free of charge

Office equipment: Included

The departures: Included

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* - The value is provisional, the exact amount is calculated after the express auditing

When is an IT audit required?

Concerns at
IT infrastructure

Concerns and instability of the current IT infrastructure

Opening a new business or subdivision

Consultancy and audit of project information structure of the enterprise are needed

An existence
with security problems

There are significant challenge and errors in the security protocols of your IT infrastructure

Expensive IT

Very costly maintaining of the current IT system, searching for minimisation of costs

Development and
modernization of your business

The company is faced with the choice of ways to modernize the IT platform for a new stage of business development

IT control

Lack of system and control over hardware and software

One of the obligatory documents when performing the IT infrastructure audit service is NDA*

* Non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement. The NDA is a legal instrument between two parties for the exchange of such information and access to it by third parties is strictly prohibited.

IT auditing results providing

  • Description and documentation («snapshot») of the IT infrastructure in the condition «as is».
  • Analysis of the development of loads, a description of infrastructure bottlenecks with possible optimization of services, equipment, etc.
  • Recommendations for IT reconfiguration (if necessary) to ensure business continuity, reliability, performance and security of IT systems.
  • Options for reducing the worth of operating an IT structure with financial indicators.

How we be working?

  1. You're sending a
  2. We're conducting a free IT rapid auditing
  3. We're preparing a commercial offer for you
  4. We're approving the plan and conclude the contract
  5. We're optimizing your IT structure
  6. Being configure IT monitoring systems and regulatory operations
  7. We'll be bringing your IT structure to our IT engineers

Integrated care of your
IT infrastructure

Remote and off-site IT support. Servers monitoring
Configuring and repairing computers

computer equipment

Weekday support and equipment monitoring 24/7, remote administration, configuration and repair of computers, servers, fast and out, as fast responses to requests

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Remote servers administration and monitoring, troubleshooting and reduced downtime

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IT infrastructure

Active professional monitoring of the IT infrastructure makes it possible to know about the unstable performance of the network even before the appearance of visible signs

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computers and hardware

The modernization of equipment will increase efficiency by 25-40% and save leadership time

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IT department
or office moving.

Network and new premises analysis, equipment inventory, installation, configuration and IT system start-up

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Protection of data
and information

Analysis of information security, timely and invisible introduction of corporate and information protection tools

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We offer

  • High degree of safety according to any requirements and standards, including specialized regulations
  • Service and a level that satisfies even ambitious customers
  • A lifetime guarantee for a job done
  • All tasks and quick response
  • Individual conditions and favourable prices
To plug now

Move staff to a
remote working model

We’ll help you move the office to remote operations and maintain efficiency

  • Plugging into the document cloud
  • Adding to the chat rooms and messengers
  • Preparing the software
  • Activating the corporate mail
  • Selecting the remote control program
  • Configuring the phone systems
Calculating worth

Feedback and recommendations

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We guarantee quality work!

  • The staff of certified specialists
  • Average response time to request ~10 minutes
  • Privacy and security of your data
  • Monthly reports on work done
  • Working according to ITIL and ISO/IEC 20000 standards
  • Financial responsibility for our mistakes