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Unlimited Internet leased line for business

CWN specialises in building large computer networks and providing Internet connection services in Moscow and the region. The range of our services includes the Internet connection for dedicated lines for individuals, Internet for companies, telephony, IT outsourcing, collocation, Internet connection in offices, Internet for organisations, setting up local networks, administration and subscriber services. Thanks to advanced technologies, reasonable tariffs, the experience of our specialists and cooperation with other Internet providers, CWN has taken a strong place in the field of high-quality telecommunications services. The main advantages of our service are unlimited Internet plans selected individually, which is especially convenient for office Internet users, as well as unlimited access to a number of resources of major Moscow networks (gaming and file servers). CWN constantly develops and improves network technologies. Construction of new communication centres and the laying of new fibre-optic highways are underway.

The creation of local computer networks is necessary for offices and the conduct of successful business. Competent construction of a local network ensures ease of access to necessary information, protection from unauthorised entry, and the flexibility of the system, allowing it to remain operational in the event of failure of one of its elements.

We provide high-speed Internet access over leased lines without using a telephone cable, laying only fibre-optic routes. Connecting to the Internet through a telephone cable is a rather old and not always reliable method. Especially, it is unacceptable in case of Internet connection for legal entities because casual disruptions in the work of the Internet in the office can slow down the work of the whole organisation. Modern complex and confusing urban wired infrastructure do not always guarantee high-quality computer communication anywhere in the city. Fibre-optic routes provide a much faster connection.

At the moment, the speed in our local network is up to 10,000 Mbit/sec., and the dedicated channel to the Internet is about 3000 Mbit/sec. Tariffs are tailored for each client individually. All our Internet tariffs are truly unlimited, we do not impose any restrictions on the amount of information received/transmitted per month, the indicated Internet access rates remain constant throughout the period of use of the service. Unlimited Internet tariffs are the best option for office Internet use: you do not have to worry about what sites your employees visit and how much data they get through.

Also among our services is technical and software maintenance of your company computers. If you wish, you can use the collocation service and place your equipment at our technical sites.

CWN guarantees high quality and reliability of communication! In case of any difficulties, our technical support specialists will help you in the shortest possible time.


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